Opti-Flex QC300, 8" x 4" Measurement System

Reference: QCZ-3000

Superb full-color high resolution image with zoom optics
Available to order

Opti-Flex QC300 Measurement System
Each to use turnkey systems now featuring the Metronics QC-300 Touchscreen Video DRO with Automatic Video Edge Detection and Measure Magic Technology.

System Feature
Precision machined aluminum alloy Z-column and base
8" x 4" (200mm x 100mm) crossed roller based staging and open frame design.
Superb full-color high resolution image with zoom optics
High quality micro-zoom lens with fine focus
LED lighting available
Z-Axis measurement available
Adjustable lens mount dovetail
Tooling holes on stage plate for fixturing
High resolution S-video color CCD camera
Fiberoptic Light Source and Ringlight
Ambidextrous Omnidirectional Arm
Built-in image acquisition capture mode
The new QC 300 Series geometric DRO with VED
QCZ3000, 8" x 4" Measurement System, 2 micron.

System shown above has optional 18-blf bottom lighting. Must be ordered separately.